A pre-approved financing program targets specific segments of small enterprises according for that:

  1. Minimum Capital 100k EGP and Maximum 2 million EGP.
  2. Annual Sales turnover 250K EGP up to 5 million EGP.

General Conditions for all programs 

  1. Egyptians only.
  2. Owner or main Director should not be less than 25 years old.
  3. No protesto and bankruptcy or any legal actions
  4. No Settlements for the company 
  5. No negative list
  6. No mortgages on company assets
  7. Owned or rented head office (cover facility tenor).
  8. Owner able to read and write 
  9. Personal grantor 

Required documents 

  • Valid ID
  • (Commercial register, taxation card, activity license, ETC).
  • Certificate of insurance and tax situation from external auditor.
  • financial statements 
  • Projected plan 
  • head office Contract

Facility types

  • Maximum amount of loan or facility is 2 million EGP.

Pricing / Fees

  • Interest 10% decreasing 
  • Fees according to AIBK tariff.


  • Check with total value of facility.
  • Installments checks 
  • Personal guarantee or life insurance on managing director.