Hisham Mohammed Abdel Aal 

    Assistant Managing Director


Sector Head

Haitham Hammad

Senior General Manager

Retail Banking and Branches Network

Tamer Ahmed Mostafa

Senior General Manager 

Corporate Finance sector

Mona Ahmed Mohamed Ramadan

General Manager

Chairman of the Board office

Alaa AboNosseir Mahmoud Abdelazeem

General Manager 

Risk sector

Jailan Ahmed Hassan

General Manager  

Human Resources Sector

Adel Hashem Gomaa

General Manager

Branches and Distribution Sector

Abd Elrehim Hussien Abd Elmegid

General Manager 

Inspection Sector

Galal Kamel Hassan Ibrahem

Head Of

 Internal Audit sector

Hesham Ahmed Nabil Abou Hussein

Chief Operating Officer

Amr Mohamed tawfik

General Manager

Financial Affairs Sector

Tarek Fouad Said El Fayoumi

General Manager 

Investment Sector

Adel Taha Abd Elwahab Elbasuiony

General Manager 

Small and Medium Enterprises sector

Mohamed Yahia Shoueib

General Manager 

Treasury and the Trading sector

Ehab Mostafa Ahmed

Head OF

Settlement of Debts sector

Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim El Molla

General Manager

Administrative Affairs Sector

Magdy Ahmed Ahmed Dawood

General Manager

Banking Operations sector

Mohamed Yehia Nour Eldein

General Manager

Security sector

Ashraf Ahmed Mohammed El Senoussi 

Chief Information Officer

Enas Ezzat

Assistant General Manager

Governance and Compliance Sector

Salah Ragab

Head Of 

Legal Affairs Sector

Nasr Zaki Sayed 

Head Of

 Engineering sector

Mona Adel Aziz Mleika

Head Of 

Banking relationships and reporters sector